Wanna be a 7/8 figure weekly income earner? You gotta read this! ?

If your goals are to earn part time income (Few Grand a Month, which is amazing) then keep doing what you’re doing and don’t bother reading this.


If you have a GOAL, DREAM, & DESIRE to one day “get on top” making $250K, $500K, $1M+ a year in Network Marketing you are going to have to pay the price, the full price.

The facade of what it takes to be a “top earner” in our industry is a joke. It pains me to see good people across the board struggle year after year & company after company because they are buying into the propaganda of lazy, under achieving, made money one time in one company in 2010 type leadership.

After 8.5 years of being in the game at pretty intense levels.. I’ve come to some conclusions.

In order to achieve 6 figures a year, a month, or a week YOU MUST WORK HARD. Once again, it’s NetWORK Marketing and so many miss the work.

This idea of, “just talk to a few people and help them talk to a few people” is stupidity & will result in you getting frustrated and upset.

You need to talk to ALOT of people and help those people talk to ALOT of people. You need to bust it open and get after it. Instead of joining the next company, LAUNCH it.

When you’re first starting out and have 0 credibility you really need to use #’s to your advantage. The same way in MLB how batters strike out 7/10 times and get paid $5M a year, so can you.

Talk to 5 new people a day.
Take Sunday off.
That’s 30 NEW people a week.
That’s 120 NEW people a month.
That’s 1440 NEW people a year.
Let’s say you “bat” 3/10.
That’s 432 NEW CUSTOMERS over a year.
Now get 30% of them to do the same thing.... you’re ROCKING.

You need to be “showing your companies plan” 3-5 times a day. Remember, this is for people who want a career out of this, not just a side hobby.

In my first company (no credibility, no knowledge, no major concrete mentorship) I solely relied on working harder than everyone else. We would have events at 6pm, 8pm, & 10pm every single night. Then once we started duplicating we’d have 3 events going on every night in Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa. We eventually got up to 10+ home meetings happening every night. Then on Saturday we’d all get together and celebrate the new ranks and do trainings.

Merely plugging into one weekly meeting isn’t enough. What are you doing on the other days? 1v1, 2v1, small groups, game-plan interviews, pouring into the existing team and talking to new people.


You must PLAN YOUR WORK AND WORK YOUR PLAN. I know what I’m doing to grow my business for the next 4 weeks. Do you? Or do you just wake up in the morning and throw doo doo at the wall & pray it works out. That’s what I did in 2011 and that’s why I earned $13,000 in 2011.

If you treat your business like a $250/$499/$999 business then it will pay you that. If you treat it like a multi million dollar business, it’ll pay you that.

When you’re not showing the plan, doing a meeting, a zoom call, or a 3 way call, you need to be blasting your mind with PERSONAL SELF DEVELOPMENT. Certain audios need to be burned into your mind.

“Magic of Thinking Big”
“You ^2”
“Your First Year in Network Marketing”
“Think and Grow Rich”

You must write down your goals. And read them over and over again. Speak your results into the physical world. Don’t worry about your current results, they don’t matter. Focus on the good that you desire. IT’S ALREADY HERE.

You need to find out who the movers, shakers, & leaders are in your company.. & PLUG INTO their event systems. Every company has their top 8-10. Find them and mirror them.

Daily Presentations.
Weekly Presentations.
Monthly Regionals.
Destination Events.
International Conventions.

You need to GET BUTTS IN THE SEATS at these events. The events will build your business but you’ve got to GET THE BUTTS IN THE SEATS. Build from event to event. In 8.5 years I’ve never missed an event I’ve qualified to be at, never.

Work on YOU.
Appearance (can’t sell a dream looking like a nightmare.)

Skills (public speaking, influencing others, dealing with people, managing egos (higher level leadership), the sales process, CHARISMA ( huge).

Belief (be positive, up beat, excited, have posture, conviction, know where you’re going with it without anyone.)

You should be traveling to emerging markets. This is where you really build relationships & get others to “catch the excitement bug.” Give the teams goals to hit and when they hit the goal get your butt on a plane or get in the car and go do an event in a different state.

You can give every reason in the world to not get in the field. Tough part is that your reason is 99% of the time an excuse. We have single moms, single dads, married folk, high school drop outs, white, yellow, brown, black, green people beating the pavement and getting the job done.

ONLINE IS AMAZING but it can’t be everything. Show me ONE person in this industry earning $250,000/month ALL online. You can’t.

You want your CEO to pay you $15,000 a month but you don’t want to roll up your sleeves and get to work, it doesn’t work like that.

To really get to the top and stay on top you’re going to need to get uncomfortable. I haven’t done what I’ve done because I’m better than anyone because I’m not. My results are better than me. I’m not that guy. I’ve done what I’ve done because I FOLLOWED & still to this day continue to FOLLOW in the footsteps of giants in this industry.

Mark Hughes
Bill Britt
Dexter Yaeger
AL Williams
Many More..

Go listen to their audios, they’ll wake you right up. Today’s information is so soft and Disney Land. That’s why so many people are on the struggle bus.

5-6 nights a week
5-6 nights a week
5-6 nights a week


Event to Event to Event to Event

Work on YOU
Work on YOU
Work on YOU


Get good at making people feel good.
Get good at giving away the credit.
Get good at edifying others.
Get good at praising others.
Say “Thank You”
Tell the truth.
Work your ass off & lead by example.
Erase your ego.
You’re not a celebrity and neither am I.
Stay Humble.
Smile & Have Fun.

If this post helps at least ONE person go to the next level, in any company, then I WIN.


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