Physics Formula List

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Physical Quantity
Equations of motion at constant acceleration
Weight  W = mg W = weight, N
m = mass, kg
g = gravitational acceleration, m/s2 or N/kg
Force  F = ma F = force, N
m = mass, kg
a = acceleration, m/s2
Moment of a force about a point

Object in equilibrium with parallel forces acting on it  
Work done W = Fd 

W = work done, J
F = force, N
d = displacement, m
Kinetic energy K.E.= 1/2 mv2 K = kinetic energy, J
m = mass, kg
v = velocity, m/s
Potential energy
P.E. = mgh
Ep = potential energy, J
m = mass, kg
g = gravitational acceleration, N/kg or m/s2
h = gain/loss in height
P = power, W
W =  work done or energy transferred, J
t = time, s
E = energy transferred/used, J
Q = thermal energy transferred, J
Liquid pressure
Boyle's Law
Specific heat capacity 
Specific latent heat of vaporization or fusion
Wave equation
Refractive index
n = refractive index
i = angle in air/vacuum
r = angle in medium
c = speed of light in vacuum, m/s
v = speed of light in medium, m/s
 Critical angle  
Amount of charge Q = It Q = charge, C
t = time, s
Ohm's Law  V = IR V = potential difference, V
I = current, A
Potential difference V = W/Q V = potential difference, V
W = work done between two points, J
Q = charge, C
Electrical power P = IV = I2 P = power, W
I = current, A
V = potential difference, V (voltage)
Electrical energy E = VIT  E = electrical energy, J
p = resistivity, ohm
l = length of wire, m
A = cross-sectional area of wire, m2
Transformer equations  

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